Our Projects

Lubes Control Center, Baytown, Texas

Bovay helped plan an addition to the Lubes Control Center for Exxon Company in Baytown, Texas. The project consisted of a blast resistant 3,190 SF new addition to the existing 8,469 SF blast resistant control building.

Knock Engine Laboratory and Tank Farm

Provided complete architectural and engineering services for this $2.3 million project including building and site work improvements. The project included two buildings; the Knock Engine Laboratory consists of 4070 SF and, separated by a 30 foot wide pedestrian canopy, the Tank Farm Central Control Building consisting of 4340 SF.

Laurel Pipeline, Pennsylvania to Ohio

300 miles of 24" diameter pipeline, transporting 16 different fuels from refineries to distributors. Thirteen take-off points along the line distribute fuel to terminals. Four booster engine pump stations with associated tankage for storage range from 1000 HP to 2000 HP each.