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B1 Bomber Bed Down Facility- Robins AFB

Project Description


Bovay Engineers, Inc. provided total architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural and civil design for the upgrade of the installation of a 5000 kilowatt in-plant generation to reduce demand during peak hours. Bovay also provided the installation of a 36000 ton central chilled water plant for the Avionics Center Complex.

  • Phase 1 included a study and concept report to identify the most economical scenario for installation of peak shaving generation seze and the most beneficial energy savings chilled water supply systems (savings to investment ratio for providing energy efficient chilled water units) to the Avionics Center.]
  • Phase 2 services included a preliminary design and cost estimate for study recommendations
  • Phase 3 services include final design, contract documents and specifications for bidding purposes.


The Avionics Center was served by several independent chilled water systems. The chillers for each chilled water system are housed in separate buildings in the vicinity of the Avionics Center in a campus like environment. The chillers are comprised of different type manufactures and ages. Some of the equipment is old and in need of replacement, especially the control system.


Projects experience related to this project: This project is very similar to the City of Houston project since a study was required including cost analysis of the different alternatives. The project required the economic evaluation of Chilled Water to several base buildings.