Growth of Capabilities

From the H.E. Bovay Consulting Company in 1946 to today's Bovay Engineers, Inc., a multi-disciplined engineering services firm we have grown to be one of the industry leaders in engineering and design services.

Many of our renovation projects include MEP systems that are extensions of existing operations and often a key factor in designs of this nature include maintaining the continuity of operations within a facility while changing, renovating, or adding to the system.

Furthermore, we design fire alarm systems and additions to fire alarm systems for hospitals, laboratories and public buildings. The more complex applications may involve several buildings and central monitoring stations. The sanitary plumbing systems, a routine part of Bovay's design work for new and existing buildings, include non-freeze applications, institutional facilities, commercial and industrial single and multi-story installations.


We also design lighting, control, and intercommunication systems; investigate and analyze electrical and mechanical systems to obtain improved operating efficiency; and revise layouts and architectural applications to achieve effective use of HVAC systems. Our engineers have extensive experience in the computer analysis of mechanical and electrical systems and the evaluation of energy use and utility costs through computer programs and LEED analysis. All of our designers and engineers are active in suggesting Green Building design approaches whenever possible. Sustainable design is an important element that we have fully embraced at Bovay and is achieved through utilization of the U.S. Green Building Council.